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  • Boyds Stock Ar-15 Rifle Laminated Wood Pepper

    With four variations of handguards, the wood furniture units feature an ergonomically designed wooden pistol grip. You can get full wooden furniture units from precision firearms, Windham Weaponry, Brownells or LUCID. Woodcraft experts titan general catalystann also build their very own custom-made wood AR15 kits although it is a time-intensive process. Just like with knives, […]

  • Of Course!!! Mmxxi Collector Handmade Coffee Mug

    These won’t sweat and go away a ring in your espresso desk. The double layer of glass also makes your drink look how to make weed tea with grinder like it’s floating—a fun impact. Their only draw back is that they’re not dishwasher secure. Glass, on the opposite hand, is protected except when it is […]