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We have already agreed on guest articles submission with top legal blogs worldwide. The only thing that is left to you is to register on our platform in a few clicks, find the most suitable blogs, and order the creation of customized content with a link to your business. For most, the purpose of writing blogs for your law firm is to generate new business. It’s completely normal to include call-to-actions in your blog posts and articles to get more phone calls and inquiries. Afterall, blogging for lawyers is an effective form of content marketing and the end goal of content marketing is to market your legal services. One of the keys to growing your audience through blogging for lawyers is to focus on producing high-quality legal content.

Prioritize covering well-known and thoroughly understood subjects. You do not need to be a Law and legal professional to write for us; all you need is to be an exceptional writer. Marketing web content will certainly be approved just if it is of any type of actual value to the reader and also not simply an advertising and marketing gig. If you would like to publish a post through Law & Space, reach out directly to the editorial team at or Austin Kocher at

Many people re-read entire articles or sections multiple times. Organizing and structuring your posts is a huge benefit to your readers and potential clients. So far, I’ve shared how important it is to focus on your prospective clients or in other words, your blog’s target audience.

A good research or white paper starts with an abstract, introduction, body sections and ends with key points or a conclusion. A great legal blog post should follow its own, well-planned structure. For law and legal companies, guest blogging may be a terrific strategy to gain awareness. The ideal guest post can enhance the website’s engagement. You certainly do not want a poorly written blog to tarnish your website’s reputation.

Reputation is everything, and establishing your own is vital. We know that each of these big themes contains countless subtopics. If you want to blog on expungement or firearms civil liberties, which would fall under the umbrella theme of Criminal Protection, we would be delighted.


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Whenever mentioning important facts or statistics, make sure to link to the primary sources where the law, information or data resides. Occasionally, we create statistically-intensive web content for law firms . When we do this, we analyze the data and transform it to reveal interesting facts related to the firm’s primary practice area. This analysis and transformation is the value-add that makes the statistical content interesting for marketing purposes. All the same, the raw data must still be properly referenced and linked.

So, by driving traffic to your website, a blog increases your reach, and therefore increases the number of potential clients you’re speaking to on your platform. You may also create a brief author bio that boasts about your accomplishment as a writer/guest blogger, and we would be pleased to display it to our readers. You will have readers some of which can be lawyers who are finding your niche useful and effective for them. This will help to generate a lot of fan-following in your community. You will surely get way too much popular with these blogs. Kindly email us at if you’re looking for a link to your website to be added in the guest post.

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