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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet reviews have now been published, and the consensus is that the game is one of the best Pokémon entries in years, but it’s let down by a litany of technical issues. The bigger of these are performance issues, which are still present after the implementation of the day one patch. They prefer articles to be 700 – 900 words, and they pay up to $75 per article depending on a lot of factors; you might need to reach out to their editor first to discuss payment. Metro Parent is a leading parenting publication looking for parenting articles. They pay $35 – $350 per article and they want features to be within 1,000 – 2,500 words. They prefer articles to be between 1,500 to 2,000 words and they pay $200 per article within a month of publication.


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If you can handle this aspect of writing well, the payback can be hugely rewarding as compensation is measured according to page views. Additionally, your list of 10 must have 1500 words or more. The good news is that TopTenz is not yet closing its doors to the possibility of bringing the “Write For Us” program back.

There’s no need to be a member or anything or go through an application process, as the company only requires that you make a submission via email. Now that we know more about TopTenz and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity they provided. So this means there’s really no guarantee that what you wrote will get accepted by the website, considering there are likely hundreds of submissions they receive in a day. The TopTenz website is basically designed for people who are looking for information, to be entertained, and to just increase their knowledge about a lot of things. This review will also show you why $50 is the likely amount you could earn per month with TopTenz.

I am from India and have started my work as a reviewer. These are the really very good article sites. I want to start writing, these sites will really help me out. Finding a site that pays well is difficult for all writers, you shed a bit of light on the subject.

We’re looking for people located in the US who are interested in working for a Fortune 500 company, willing to complete training (non-paid), and appreciate flexibility in their schedules. Pay fluctuates depending on the client you choose and qualify for. You must have the equipment needed to fulfill the job responsibilities.

I have lots of time to do other work, but my contract prohibits me from taking on tutoring and the like. I will be joining some of these websites. It’s amazing when we can stay home and still make money right? Most Poets don’t make their money until they are returned to the dust from whence they came. Sarthak – I have 200 sites available for download – take a look at the top of this article for the link. It’s nice to know I don’t have to settle for .005 cents per every 1000 views like a lot if theseller ridiculous sites .

Sesi is a quarterly teen magazine edited for today’s eclectic African-American/Black girl between the ages of 13 and 19. Articles will vary in word length depending on the topic . Deadlines and payment will be discussed upon assignment. Reason magazine covers politics, economics, culture, and science from a broad-minded libertarian perspective. The editors look for original analysis and research and do not like simple rehashes of well- worn libertarian positions.

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