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  • Google Online Safety Weblog: Rust Within The Linux Kernel

    It may additionally be used in web growth, as both Apache and Nginx servers have a Lua module (here’s Apache’s mod_lua, and here’s Nginx’s ngx_http_lua_module). Wikipedia chose Lua as its template scripting language, and the UI of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is written in Lua as well. The word ‘lua’ means ‘moon’ in Portuguese, because the […]

  • May Zero Belief Safety’ Have Prevented The Huge Solarwinds Attack?

    Whether on-premise; virtual; or in non-public, public, or hybrid clouds, JBoss EAP might help you deliver apps faster, everywhere. JBoss EAP 7 is constructed to supply simplified deployment and full Jakarta EE performance for functions in any setting. Whether on-premise or in digital, private, public, and hybrid clouds, JBoss EAP features a modular architecture that […]