Top 8 Secrets of How to Write an Upworthy Headline

The Republicans and Democrats just about saw eye to eye. The Democrats were more willing to admit that McCain had some admirable traits, and the Republicans were willing to concede that Obama had some excellent moments. In October of 2008, researchers asked a bipartisan group of people to watch the presidential debates between Obama and McCain. They separated their subjects into two groups.

In fact,here’s a guideto what we’re looking for. We administered user feedback surveys across our site, assigning participants at random to report their emotional feedback in one of these four formats. To harness these insights, BuzzFeed employs the science made possible by Pound, an initiative designed to show how people share content on different social networks.

Writers from shows like “The Americans,” “Black Lightning,” “Atlanta,” and “The Good Place” are all slated to appear, a veritable who’s-who of TV talent. But of the 12 writers scheduled to appear, 11 of them are men. Our Editorial Director, Amy O’Leary, often says we’re in a “street fight for human attention” and that we need to give our stories their best shot at success by packaging them with care. Be concise and spend time explaining your story in three carefully crafted sentences. By the time I get to the end of those sentences, I should be itching to learn more. But to make the kind of difference we want to make in the world, we need to go even further.

The Write Life pays for some posts — you’ll need to negotiate your rate. Treehouse pays $100-$200 for posts about web design and development. Indeni pays $50-$200 for posts that cover Check Point firewalls, F5 load balancers or Palo Alto Networks firewalls. Listverse pays $100 for long lists on various topics. Gothamist pays $50-$150 for reported pieces about New York.

We’re going to have an all-staff call this afternoon to share some thoughts and answer your questions. We’ll talk then (and I’ll share a bit more below) about what we’re doing – and what we can all do – for the folks who are leaving Upworthy. But before then, we wanted to lay out what’s happening today and what it means for us going forward. We believe the world works better when people understand each other, see each other, and respect each other. As a result, our stories are reaching way more people. So we decided, after four years of the old logo, that we should have a fresh look to match our fresh focus.

And the other times, their tweaks do provide a better experience for the reader. For instance, Google’s Penguin update brought to end a lot of spammy search engine behaviour like link-buidling schemes. They want to make as much revenue as possible. Sometimes that will work for us, but that’s a byproduct of whether the tactic meets their business goals – not ours.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science publishes a widely read journal. Science caters to a unique audience of scientists, academics, and everyday people interested in science. Breaking news that hasn’t been covered in depth yet, an inside scoop, or a scandal within the scientific community will put your idea on the fast track for consideration.


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We’ve held big banks accountable, tackled tough topics likeclimate change, and challenged the world to do better when it comes to thestigma surrounding mental illness. And we’ve done this through surprising, emotional stories that have a visual element and are bothmeaningful and shareable(that’s the definition of “Upworthy”). Standing by and looking for positives and silver linings in a campaign filled with hate doesn’t feel very Upworthy. Photo by Gary J. WoodIf you want your content to go viral, this does not mean that you should start writing Upworthy-style headlines for your blog posts.

Have you recently been published in a magazine, newspaper, blog, etc? Too often, women writers have to clap back at people who assume their work is a hobby instead of a professional pursuit. This might seem like a “duh” item, but lots of typos come through our freelance airwaves. Please, please re-read your pitch before sending it through. Do not send us pitches addressed to “Unworthy.” (Yes, we know Upworthy autocorrects to Unworthy.) Make sure your pitch is a piece of strong writing in and of itself.

Adoptive Families covers the adoption process from every perspective. Good one from you and to you’re company and team. The GoDaddy blog, dubbed “GoDaddy Garage,” is geared toward helping entrepreneurs plan for, launch, grow, and maintain a business.

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