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The overall goal was to lose 10 percent of their starting weight over a period of two years. The cool thing about this study was that the researchers didn’t put the participants on a diet. There wasn’t any particular nutrition plan those in the study had to follow, nor did they have to deprive themselves of this or that. Even if they do, most people gain the weight back within five years. For more experienced writers it can be hard to get by without compensation for your hard work, but we hope you all know that you do get compensated in other ways. By contributing to our site, you’re building a following and making connections that will likely come with future job opportunities.


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We all suffer through stressful times in life and we must have the ability to change and focus on what is more important and that is nurtured by the practice of meditation and solitude. The criteria for getting your article published is to be written at least 800 words long with no grammatical errors, as well as generally categorizing on “Health and Fitness” related topics. If our editors find the piece informative enough, it will be published here. The second requirement is that the article must be 800 and more words to be qualified for publishing on our website.

Please understand that the restrictions I described are in the interest of my readers. Please submit your article if you agree to follow these guidelines. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the biggest challenges we face as humans. For some, it can be an ongoing battle to stay within their prescribed weight range. But for others, it can be difficult to lose weight / do Weight Loss in the first place. You can include one link to your website or blog (It will be a do-follow link).

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