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These social networking sites are essentially a colossal collection of About Me pages. Before the internet came into existence, most business transactions occurred after a face-to-face meeting. The prospective customer would talk with a sales person or business owner to learn about the company and determine if he felt comfortable doing business with them. How do you make their life easier and better?

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And if they trust you, they’ll give you their business. So don’t give only the same boring impersonal facts most people do. Showcase the exciting personality of your business and the people behind it.

Saying your product increases productivity by 18% is a lot more persuasive than simply saying it improves productivity. Answering those questions and more is a tall order, but one you should approach with enthusiasm. After all, this is the one place you can and should sing your own praises. This is your opportunity to tell the world why your company is awesome.

Careers Want to be a part of team Cloudways? Contact Us Just send us your questions and we will be there to provide help. Does your website have an effective About Us page? Your About Us page could be the tipping point in converting more visitors into customers. Go ahead, give them a peek behind the scenes. Once your visitors get to know you, they’ll like you.

By getting personal, you’re being transparent and vulnerable, which are appealing qualities that can help win over even the most cynical prospect. Convey the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be sincere and personal as you tell the story of your brand. There’s nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through.

Go back to the customer with a clear time frame on when they can expect an answer. In that case, you might want to start with the easiest steps first. If the first task that the customer has to do is complex, there is a high chance that they will put it off.

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