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Most word processing packages can spell-check in either US or UK English, as well as a number of variants, including Australian English. As long as you set the options correctly before you start, you should not have any problems. When writing in a word processing package, set the spell-checker to the language in which you are writing, and switch it on. This will automatically flag up any words that you have inadvertently spelled the wrong way.


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Regarding post-paid payments, you should make the payment within three working days from the blog having been published to avoid the link removal. While sharing the blogs, you need to provide proper references and attribution for the information which you have shared with us. The maximum accepted length is 1500 words, including title. Photo captions are not included as part of the word count of your article. The Indiependent is a platform for aspiring writers of all ages to showcase their work – including late-stage career changers.

“We used this service for the spouse visa extension application to assure that all the information was valid and correct.” You may include one integrated backlink in the article . Top Rated is a unique consumer-focused review site that serves as the greatest source of reviews for the best products, services, and locations around the country. Freedom to advance your career, increase your knowledge and qualifications, develop your skillset, and improve as a professional author. Articles should explore complex issues in an accessible way, where possible avoiding jargon and academic language.

Our contributors include unpublished writers, frontline activists, academics, campaigners and experienced journalists. Articles published in the print edition are proactively commissioned according to issue themes, and written specifically with the magazine in mind. Where you make claims, please back them up with links to sources or examples. For claims made by individuals please link to evidence that they made that claim which may include newspaper articles.

You can use UK Business Magazine as a platform to publish your top-notch informative content and get more eyeballs. If you are a business owner, you can also make use of our platform and publish a business story to get more reach for your brand and get organic SEO boost. We do accept guest posts and sponsored content on our website under certain terms and conditions which we have listed below. Another advantage of publishing guest posts is the possibility of reaching a much wider audience than before. What is very important, apart from branding, i.e. building awareness of your brand publishing content on our website, will allow you to reach new recipients interested in the services or products we offer.

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