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Proofread and review your guest post article thoroughly before send me. Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing evangelist who has over 11 years of experience in online marketing. He is a regular contributor to SEMrush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Watch, Hubspot, Smart Insights, and several other publications. Although you probably know why guest posts are a great idea here’s a quick summary of how you can benefit from becoming a contributor. If we agree that it is an interesting article, we’ll work with you to publish the article on this site.

No matter the issue, we’ll find a solution that works for you. We do NOT sell or send your personal information to a list of lenders! An expert will contact you shortly and try to help you. If you want to increase the exposure to your writing AND enjoy getting paid for doing so,you are welcome to write for us. If you are worried about whether the post will get approved before writing, send us an example of your previous posts you wrote in the past.

Write for us is a great opportunity to expose your expertise on a topic you love. Share your advice and experience with others by utilizing myBooks write for us. It’s awesome by the way, especially, the way you explain how to use your things to your readers. Unique Featured images and two supporting images with content are needed.

You can then republish it on your own domain name after three months. Be sure to send samples of your work to the editors to prove you’re a qualified writer for Content Writing. You can mention authority website and link will be do-follow. • We are accepting only finance, law and education related topic. Use data and statistics to validate your content where applicable. Ensure the statistics included are not older than 3 years.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The submitted blog article shouldn’t be published anywhere, including on your own blog. Here are some of the points to look, at before you contribute a guest blogging for zetran. Also, other guest posts related to the above categories.

All articles submitted to us go through a quality control process. If the submitted article is accepted or rejected, we will notify the source. We assume content to be relevant and of good quality, and adheres to our editorial rules. In that scenario, our editorial team will do a final review to see if any adjustments are required. If you are comfortable with all of the above, then send us an email with your pitch to with the subject line “Guest Article Submission”. An editor will check if your guest posting topic is a potential fit for us.

Submitted Content Should be Orginal and not submitted before anywhere. The length of the Blog posts should be of minimum 1500 words. We are also willing to compensate you for your own identity theft story ifyou have been victimized before. And all people who understand finances can write for us. Since there is still some confusion on this matter, let me be explicitly clear, I didn’t create the blog and invest countless hours and money to give you free advertising.

If this happens, we suggest you re-purpose it for another website; many finance sites are willing to accept guest posts, although it might be hard to find many that pay you for doing so. There are many guest posting sites, some of them are POLITICO, Investing.com, and Money Crashers. For more authority sites, you can check the above list. At this time, we accept a limited number of guest posts on the Natfluence blog.

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