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Start finding the best legal blogs and ensure you are making the effort to convince them to publish your piece of content on their website. The Day Law Library maintains a curated collection of legal self-help articles, guides, and educational resources for lawyers, law firm marketers, and their audiences. We regularly collaborate with subject-matter experts within the legal community and we encourage guest bloggers to share the knowledge they’ve gained in their areas of expertise.

When sharing your blog post on social media platforms, be sure to include a photo, link, and thoughtful caption. Sharing on the major platforms — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter — are all effective ways to boost this blog post. Writing a blog post can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, so we’ll walk you through the choices you have. Our blog has a broad audience and our readership is steadily increasing. How we can believe on you that you are good legal bloggers, so provide your links of previous guest post submitted by you.

If your article is accepted, it will be added to our publication queue and published according to its schedule. Note that we reserve the right to make corrections and changes in the article as we see fit . You understand and agree that the article submitted and published by us will become our exclusive property.

The primary objective is to provide a draft with correct information and data. However, we recommend you submit a draft of your paper before finishing it, as it will be edited after submission. We want authors who can write on different topics related to law. Whether you are a law student trying to improve your writing abilities or a former attorney who took time out to have children, our writing group will be a good fit for you. Your article’s contents must be good quality and it should not sound like an advertisement. Our mission is to educate the public on important legal affairs – any external links to other products and services should only be mentioned in a natural way that supports a particular point in your article.


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Currently, we are looking for individual posts on the following topics. Please submit your post toand follow the below guidelines. Images and graphics are welcome as long as they provide relevant information. You may submit a thumbnail image to go with your post.

Your post should already contain them throughout, and all you need to do is double check. Now, once you’ve compiled enough information about your topic to start writing the blog post, the most efficient use of your time is to outline the points you want to include and flesh it out from there. Any effective blog post is backed by substantial research. Remember, the purpose of this post is to position yourself as an authority in the field, which will only happen if your content is truthful and supported by evidence. You can add some high authority external links to make lawyers article more natural. Bestuslawyers.org is the growing lawyers and legal directory that allow to lawyers and legal firms to create their profile on Bestuslawyers.org.

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