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You will get links back to your site and social channels, as well as be promoted through our social and email lists. Scripted is the place where marketers, businesses, and writers come together. Providing access to thousands of professional copywriters and freelance writers, Scripted will provide you with a wide selection of health and wellness experts.


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Check out these free tools for creating easy-to-read content. Every month we select a cohort of bloggers and authors who have a passion and commit to writing for health and wellness. They get newsletters and social promotions also which improves their authority and author profiles across the industry. Please avoid making the blog self-promotional and do not submit any marketing links. All guest articles should be engaging and helpful with key points and takeaways. All articles will go througheditorial reviewfor readability to ensure the best quality content is created for our members.

Your article cannot be deleted after we have published it. If you are a blogger and know the importance of ads, you may have previously heard of AdSense. While excellent writing is crucial to maintaining your readership, ads can play a significant role in obtaining that readership.

You can reach out by email to managing editor Kristi Dorian. Carve out some time to exercise every day or make a plan to improve your diet, and you’ll get results. Pitching and landing freelance writing jobs works the same way. Please browse our website and carefully read these guidelines before sending us your topic or article.

DiseaseFix is primarily known as an online publisher of disease-centric medical information related to human health and well-being. The information is published as disease modules accessible to users from across the world free of cost. #7 I will allow guest contributors to submit 1 – 3 links per blog, in addition to a short bio with their picture.

A health and wellness writer will create copy that helps you become a more knowledgeable authority within your industry. Search top health & wellness writers to write high-quality content for the health & wellness industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease. A health and wellness writer should have experience within the industry itself.

First, we have committed readers, and great social media following, so you can be guaranteed that they’re people who will eagerly read your write-up. We’d like to work with people who have experience writing in the B2B space. Also, we won’t accept posts by authors who are a part of our competitors. We read every submission we receive but we’re a small team and can’t respond to every submission. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days.

Writing for us is an excellent way to display your expertise, boost your portfolio, and establishing yourself as an expert. Also, you get SEO benefits, exposure via our social media platforms. Vox’s Health and Science section encompasses all aspects of health, from infectious disease to mental health. This self-help magazine for the Atlanta area offers articles on various subjects, one being health.

If you feel you have personal or professional health and wellness experience and a story or news to share we want you to be a part of our growing team! Our focus is to provide readers with health and wellness in a bite. Let’s face it, when it comes to our health we don’t have time to read through a novel. We want to keep it simple, practical, useful and easy to digest.

Articles should be are well researched and backed by peer-reviewed articles. Hiring a health and wellness freelance writer will bring many advantages. The people who are crazy about writing and have innovative writing skills and practices, then all guest writers can contribute a guest post to write for us page. The best health and wellness blogs inform about risks and consequences but also offer reassuring news. They may outline effective treatments or provide testimonials from patients who’ve been there, done that, and come out the other side. The best wellness blogs use terms the average American understands.

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