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In other words, keep the value for the user top-of-mind. It all comes down to a few copywriting best practices that you should apply to both the subject line of your message and the message body itself. Don’t confuse your email contacts by providing too many options. For each email you send, there should be a single action that you want the reader to take. Then, instruct them to take that action and set expectations for what will happen when they do.

Right off the bat, the marketers at Warby Parker tell the readerwhy they’re being emailed and that this email is meant to help them find a new pair of glasses before that expiration date. Email marketing has come a long way in just the past few years. But with all the fancy new functionality brands are utilizing, you know what’s kind of funny? A well-written, plain-text email can perform just as well than a highly designed email with tons of bells and whistles.

Even better, it works well with the design of the email, creating a matching but contrasting focal point before the reader dives into the rest of the copy below. This email from Netflix provides a curated list of new shows the customer may be interested in based on their watch history. It’s skimmable with plenty of visuals supporting the new releases and provides a CTA that prompts you to watch the trailer. It’s very important for us to maintain the quality of the content on the blog. Include at least two internal links to other relevant Selfcraft Media pages. Include external links from trustworthy and top authoritative websites.

Anyone can contribute who is interested in the topic or who has any experience in the field and wants to share it with the readers of our blog. Those who can write articles that teach advanced digital marketing-based topics will have higher chances of acceptance rather than with the basics about digital marketing. If you find yourself informative enough, you are welcomed to share your knowledge with our readers and earn significant perks.


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Leverage our self-serve platform to connect with and buy website content from over 10,000 professional writers. If you want to test headlines, for example, the headline is the only thing you should change. The content, images and formatting would all stay the same. The key to A/B-testing effectively is to change just one variable each time you run a test. Conversely, you should craft more sales-oriented messaging for those at the bottom of the funnel.

Not to mention the header does an excellent job of explicitly stating what this email is about. Your article or blog post should have information, meta title, and description. If you have a passion to create striking content, then go ahead with it.

Your guest post is not supposed to appear anywhere in the search engine. Once your post is approved for publication, you grant us the copyright to be the owner of your content and also ensure that you don’t use the same content elsewhere. When you write guest posts for us, you’ll also be boosting your SEO.

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