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Please take note that we don’t accept content that is related to CBD, gambling, casinos, Bitcoin. Get in touch and get your article published on our website. We welcome articles from outdoors and travel bloggers, video bloggers, outdoor and travel industry subjects. We accept guest blog submissions, photos and videos.

It will be filled with destination guides, travel stories, kit reviews, activity advice and much more. In addition, we are also interested in covering new topics related to the outdoor lifestyle. This is why I started OutingVibe.com, a leading outdoor fitness website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

OutdoorHub.com product reviews should objectively examine a given product on its features and merits for the outdoorsmen and women it is intended for, including firsthand, in-the-field use. Common topics of investigation include value for price, reliability, and quality, though these may vary from product to product. Usage of OutdoorHub.com’s Trusted Review Scorecard is encouraged, but not mandatory. More detailed product review guidelines are available upon request. We will quite likely not accept complete articles on spec, except if you are already an established author with a clear voice, skilled in writing narrative and building strong characters. For a feature article, craft a 400 to 600 word letter that pulls together all the elements of the piece – the principal characters, the drama, the conflict, and the payoff.

Pure Wander features articles that concentrate on types of trips , personal narratives and travel tips.We look for authentic travel stories and guides for groups of three or more. Do you have what it takes to write for Pure Wander, a fresh group travel blog? We are always looking for new and interesting experiences to offer to our readers. Whether you are a mom or dad in a family that splashes out for one special trip a year or someone who loves getting all their friends together for a big adventure, we want to hear from you. All guest post submissions must be subject to proofreading or editing.

As the owner of OutingVibe.com, I’m always looking for guest contributors. If you are looking for guest post opportunities in a blog, we’re the place to be. Thus… You want to write a guest post for The Outingvibe.com, right? It’s great to see that you are enthusiastic about it. I’m looking forward to collaborating with a variety of other bloggers/writers and posting posts on The Outingvibe in addition to my own. If you have a website and/or social media accounts, please send us these too.

We also accept location-based articles from all around the world as well as activity-based articles. Focus on hiking, camping, adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, wildlife, etc. Your blog post must be original and not published on any other sites.

Likewise, we have written a great amount on budget travel. But if you are writing about travel on a budget with kids, that is a different perspective and would be an appropriate pitch. OutdoorHub.com occasionally works directly with companies or their representatives to conduct product reviews. While these remain objective, we always seek to disclose the exact manner by which an OutdoorHub staff member or writer has acquired a product for review. We’re looking for individuals who know a couple of things about hiking, camping, bike-packing, adventure sports, walking to stay active, and the outdoors.

If you have an idea in mind, keep reading to see our guest post submission process, and fully fill out the form below. Remember to read everything below because it is very obvious to us when you haven’t. We will do our best to respond to every message within 2 weeks. If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit accompanying photos which you have the rights to share. Pure Wander retains all rights to accepted pieces and content cannot be used elsewhere. The topics of a guest post you want to submit to The outingvibe.com must fall within the interests of your target audience’s expectations.

The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. I look forward to reading and considering each and every submission. You can make use of new Outdoor Guest Posting Search Queries to find the heath blog for guest blogging. I’m happy to check other people’s equipment, but it must be done by a third party.

Our knowledgeable editors go over all submissions and edit at their discretion. We will review your sample article and either publish what you have provided or let you know if you should go ahead and write for us. Send your topic ideas before you submit your story. The story should be unique and not published elsewhere — we will check. Any plagiarized or re-used content will be rejected and blacklisted. We only accept outdoor, travel-related and general travel articles.

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